Turtle Biogas is home biogas plant converts food waste and animal waste  into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer.

Advantages of Turtle Biogas

2 Years Warranty
Low Cost
Automatic Drainage
Automatic Gas Pressure Relief 
Max. Gas Pressure: 20mbar

(1) Fermentation Bag  (2) Funnel   (3) Sand Bags   (4) Overflow Pipe   (5) Discharge Pipe   

The Turtle Biogas system flow diagram

 25 meter uv resistant and corrosion-resistant outdoor PE pipe that can be quickly installed by using quick unions.
Biogas contains a lot of vapor. When the vapor condenses into water, it clogs the gas pipe. We need a valve for automatic drainage.
A 1.5 liter transparent bottle desulfurizer helps you see what’s going on inside, so you can replace iron oxide pellets as soon as it runs out.
single burner biogas stove

Max. Gas Pressure: 20mbar

Don’t need a biogas booster pump for the biogas stove.

How to feed the Turtle biogas?

A large feed hopper, which is placed vertically on the digester, you can easily drop organic waste into digester.
Recommend starting the digester with cow dung. After the digester is turned on producing biogas can be burned, we can use other organic waste, such as food waste, other animal waste.
A seal bar can seal the inlet hopper to avoid the smell and helps pushing waste into the digester.

How to get liquid organic fertilizer?

  • The transparent overflow tube helps you see the level of water inside the digester,  open the valve to drain excess liquid fertilizer.

Update your toilet

  • Biogas Toilet

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