Turtle Biogas Plant 3.0

Mini order quantity 4 pcs

  • System Volume 3 m³
  • Digester volume 1.6 m³
  • Gas volume 1.4 m³
  • Dimension: 2500L*1400W*1400H (mm)
  • Optional:  Customizable Dimension
  • Max. Gas pressure 20 Mbar
  • 2 hours cooking daily


  1. Daily kitchen waste: 15 Liter
  2. Daily animal waste: 45 Liter


  1. Daily biogas 1000 liter at 25+ ℃
  2. Daily liquid fertilzer 60 liter

1. The gas production is enough to cook 2 hours per day by a single burner stove.

2. It is off-grid, no need any electric gas pump to push the biogas to the stove.

3. Automaticlly gas pressure release once the gas pressure is overload.

4. It is easy install within 20 minutes and to be activated in few hours.

 5. It is easy to transport and low cost shipping fee.

 6. It is durable and the warranty for 2 year.

7. It is very cheap price.

8. It is no smell.

Package Detials:

No.1 Carton Box : 43*43*25cm,  Weight: 8KG
No.2 Carton Box : 40*32*13cm,  Weight: 3KG
No.3 Carton Box : 60*50*35cm,  Weight: 22KG

All about in total
Package Volume: 0.17CBM
Package Weight: 33KG

重量 35 kg
Package Detials

No.1 Carton Box : 43*43*25cm Weight: 7KG
No.2 Carton Box : 40*32*13cm Weight: 3KG
No.3 Carton Box : 60*50*35cm Weight: 15KG

All about in total
Package Volume: 0.15CBM
Package Weight: 33KG



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